DAILY: January 30, 2020

I am down in New Orleans right now.  Walking around last night, I remembered this story I did for Travel+Leisure magazine in 2013.  It was one of two I did on New Orleans for the publication.  I loved this one because I love hanging out with Michael Kors.  I had also done a big profile on him for Vanity Fair.  I re-read this last night.  It holds up.  Hope you enjoy it.


Kors Has Some Style Tips for Famous New Orleans Characters, Real and Imagined

Blanche DuBois “Blanche could wear her tattered chiffon dress, but living in this day and age she’d have to put on crazy stilettos. Sally Hershberger would chop her hair like Meg Ryan’s, because that has become the hairdo for women of a certain age.” • Stanley Kowalski “The only thing I’d do is make sure he had clean T-shirts in his drawer. Stanley, honey, a new one every now and then would be nice.” • Lillian Hellman “To me, she will always be in that Blackglama ad. That cigarette. That mink coat. She would be the one woman hereI’d say ‘to hell with it’ and dress her in linen.” • Mahalia Jackson “I love jewelry on the right woman—especially a big girl. You’ve got to get Mahalia out of that choir robe. I’d put her in one of our printed caftans.” • Louis Armstrong “It’d be cool if his tuxedo were linen. He’d wear loafers with no socks. I’d make him resorty like Mahalia. They could look like they were on their way to Capri and got sidetracked.” • Binx Bolling “He was a sad, preppy sort, from Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer. He could wear things from my new Michael line. He’s clean-cut but dirty at heart.”

In fact, that could be Michael’s ad line. Actually, that’s an even better ad line for New Orleans.




  • Kevin Sessums is the author of two New York Times bestselling memoirs, Mississippi Sissy and I Left It on the Mountain.

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